Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Product Related

Can I use my headphone for phone calls?

With the only exception of the Studio Series In-Ear-Monitors, all headphones from Accutone comes with a microphone, volume control and pick-call button. So, YES, our headphones can be used for telephone calls.

Can I use headphones Made for iPhone on my Android devices?

There's a common misunderstanding that Made for iPhone of Mfi headphones doesn't work on Android phones or tablets. YES, they do work. The only difference between using a Mfi headphone on iOS and Android devices are the ability to control volume using the buttons on the inline control, that's it. You enjoy the same audio quality on your Android phone as with an iPhone, you can use the headphone on telephone calls the same, and you can even answer call and play/pause music the same, using the middle Multifunctional button. But for those users who also wants to control the volume via the headphone, there are apps in the Android app store which can preset the middle button for volume control as well.

My memory foams are damaged, where can I buy Comply Premium Tips?

All Premium Tips (Memory Foam) used by Accutone are of the T-200 family. The default pair of Comply tips are of the Isolation 200 model. You can choose from three different models: Comfort, Sport and Isolation as long as the size is 200. Go to the following link to find a location near you:

Where can I find MMCX cable replacements?

Depending on which product you own, the answer to this question is different. If you own a Studio Series In-Ear Monitor, then you can buy any IEM replacement or upgrade cables in the market or on our own website, as long as it is a MMCX plug not a two-pin plug. If you own a Taurus, Pisces HD or Pisces BA, then you need to contact a sales representative via with the subject heading "MMCX Cable Replacements". You can also indicate which version of the cable you wish to buy, iOS or Android cable.

Purchase Related

What payment methods does Accutone accepts?

We support most Credit Card payment via Stripe. Users do not need to pre-registered with Stripe, simply enter your credit card information as you would with any other purchase. We also support Paypal payment.

I have just made my payment, now what?

First off, make sure you've entered a valid email address. Once you have completed your payment, you should immediately receive an automated confirmation email regarding the order. Usually within 24 hours (longer during weekends), you will receive another confirmation email from a sales representative, please make sure you answer his/her questions regarding shipping address. If you did not receive any of the above emails, please contact for immediate support.

Oh No!! I've made a mistake, I don't want to buy it anymore!!

Don't worry, you have all the time to cancel your order before shipment. This is why we have the Double-Check Process. After the first automated confirmation email, a sales representative usually will be in contact within 24 hours to verify the shipping location. Simply let us know during that time or preferrably before, via with the title "Cancel Order #xxxxx" with xxxxx referring to your actual order number. Someone will be in touch real soon, and walk you through the entire refund process.