USB Gaming Headset for PC|Mac|PS4

The first and only Gaming Headset from Accutone to highlight dual- driver output, with one loudspeaker dedicated entirely for bass, and another loudspeaker for trebles and midtones. The dual drivers, highlighted by the blue lighting on their back, improves every element of its audio output. 

From engaging in games to enjoying music videos, Halo is the perfect upgrade in terms of performance and function.


Gaming Headset 2C.38.png


The first in its class to include a new vibration effect that will shake your bones, Halo offers Active Vibrate Mode. When turned on, user can feel strong vibration whenever they hear heavy bass or in-game explosion effects. This extra layer of tactile sensation not only drastically improves your virtual immersion, but can also enhance the bass performance of any music or video by ten-folds.


Experience Active Vibrate in person to understand why this is the newest gaming experience, today!

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Metallic Dual-Band design of Halo makes it extremely durable without compromising comfort. While some gaming headsets claim that they are strong and tough, they can also be too tight and cause discomfort and pain after prolonged usage. 

Halo puts huge emphasis on fit and comfort. Aside from the perfectly tuned headband tightness, its large ear-cushion covers your entire ears with high-grade leatherette unparalleled by most competitors.

Gaming Headset 2.30.png


Looking good is often as important as its performance when it comes to E-sport or just causal drop-in group-battling. Halo aims to highlight its unique dual-driver design, which is why on the back of the drivers are two pairs of LED lighting with breath-like dimming. 

Auto power-on as soon as Halo is connected to your gaming device, the breathing light design is not only sharp-looking, it is also mesmerizing. It just might be distracting enough to give you that slight advantage in your friendly competition.

Gaming Headset 2.27.png


Communication is also a big part of teamwork under any E-sport competition. This is why Halo comes with a powerful microphone with omni-direction microphone. This enables Halo to be highly sensitive to human voice even in the most noisy gaming environments.

The light at the end of the microphone module looks amazing especially in the dark, and it also allows user to be aware that Halo is functioning properly.


HALO 2 Box 2.1136.png

Halo is one of the most popular gaming headset in the market. With its unique dual-driver design delivering superb audio performance, Active Vibrate mode, breathing light and Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, it is an amazing deal at this price.

Look for this eye-catching silver box at your local retail shops, or simply order it right here at our shop to ensure 100% genuine goods, right now!