Bluetooth Wireless | Stereo A2DP | Comfort

Mercury Bluetooth Headphone

Tired of cables limiting your movements during music or calls? Looking for comfort and sound quality during your daily workout? Mercury is the answer. Using the latest blue-tooth version 4.0, it offers true stereo sound by utilizing A2DP profile, supported by most mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and bluetooth-enabled notebooks.


Mercury with Comply Foam Tips


The lightest weight of its kind, at only 12.5 grams, Mercury is one of the most comfortable stereo bluetooth headsets you can find in the market.


It comes equipped with Comply Premium Grade Foam Tips, which prevents the earbuds from falling out during exercise, by heat-forming against the user's ear canal.

Mercury Inline Control


Mercury comes with a microphone inside the digital inline volume control, for standard phone and VoIP calls. The inline control supports iOS and Android platform as well as most other OS for controlling volume, call/answer function, skip-repeat music features. On-screen battery meter indication is also available under iOS.

Mercury Explode Drawing


The Mercury comes with three different sizes of standard silicon ear-buds, a pair of Comply memory foam, a pair of stabilizer rings for users who demand maximum sturdiness during exercise. a leatherette headphone zipper bag and user manual. For those of us who enjoy the benefits of wireless music, but don't want to sacrifice comfort or audio quality, Mercury is one of the best choice you can find.