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Pisces Headphone

Most often, the measurement of how well a high-end audio headphone performs is based on how powerful the bass output is. This of course is a misunderstanding, as there are many different types of music and many different user preferences. Many users will gladly sacrifice the heart-pounding bass for a more details in the full range of the audio spectrum.


Pisces Sound Clarity


This why the Pisces is tuned for specifically for sound clarity, as it highlights the different layers of sound. Clearly separating the trebles, mid-tones and bass, the Pisces allows user to listen to every instruments played as well as the sentiments delivered by something as minute as the sound of the performer's breath.

Pisces Flat Cable


The Tangle-Free Flat Cable is not the only thing that sets the Pisces apart from its other Accutone siblings.

From the sharp-looking high-gloss finishing to the various metallic components used, it is both a superb audio headphone and a piece of elegant sculptured art.

The Pisces is Made for iPhone, with a digital inline control to adjust volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as simply make and end calls. It also comes with Apple's certified high-quality microphone.

Pisces Digital Packaging
Comply Memory Foam Tips


The Pisces also comes with three different sizes of standard silicon ear-buds, leatherette headphone pouch, cable-winder and user manual. If you are looking for a headphone with more than just bass output, Pisces is definitely the choice for you.


The Gemini is proud to feature Comply Premium Earphone Tips. Perhaps more so than any other headphone models, Gemini is designed to be the perfect partner with this high-grade memory foam tips.


By allowing superb noise-isolation from the heat-forming of the foam to an individual's ear-canal, the Comply tips greatly enhance the headphone's already powerful bass performance.