High-Grade | Aluminum Built | Bass-Enhanced

Don’t be fooled by its looks, hold one in your hand and you will notice the significant difference in weight and superior built between the Pisces Band and the rest. The fully recyclable high-grad aluminum speaker chamber serves both cosmetic and audio function. Protein leatherette ear cushions offer extreme comfort, as well as excellent sound isolation. Sharp looking ultra high-gloss finishing, foldable hinges and extendable headband are just a few of the many features of this amazing headphone.


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Pisces Band Headphone in Black


The Pisces Band is tuned to Class B – Bass Enhancement. Its strong and deep bass output comes from a pair of proprietary-engineered 40mm loudspeakers designed for the prosumer market.


Similar to some of Accutone’s In-Ear models, the Pices Band employs genuine metallic speaker chambers for crisper mid-tones and cleaner high tones, perfect complements to its powerful bass.

Pisces Band Headphone in White


The prestigious looking design of Pisces Band uses 100% fully-recycleable aluminum metal throughout the entire headphone.


Every metallic-looking parts are all genuine aluminum, giving the headphone a strong sense of substance while also making it exceptionally environmental-friendly.


The strong metallic parts and hinges makes it not only highly durable, something rarely found in the market today, but also foldable and compact enough for travelling use.

Pisces Band Headphone in Orange


The curves and looks of Pisces Band comes from the Pisces in-ear headphone series. In trying to maintain a family look, the Pisces Band is an expansion of many attributes that made Pisces one of the most popular models ever made by us.


Mirror-gloss finishing with clean edges on simple and symmetric geometric shapes, all contributes to Pisces Band’s elegant looks and long-lasting appeal.


Detachable and replaceable high-gradeleatherette ear-cushion and headrest are also highlight design features.

Pisces Band is Made for iPhone


Designed to be the perfect companion for Apple products, the Pisces Band bears the Made for iPhone label. It is acoustically tuned to pair with any iPod, iPhone or iPad.


Comes equipped with Apple’s certified microphone, the 3-button digital inline control allow adjustments to iPhone’s volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as simply make and end calls. The inline control is also able to control volume on all Macbooks and iMac.

Pisces Band Packaging is Sharp Looking


Pisces Band comes with a sharp-looking carrying case made from high-grade leatherette designed for protecting the headphone from scratches and drops.


Look for the eye-catching transparent box at your local retail shops. Combining top-end audio, excellent design and comfort, this is the perfect gift for you and your audiophile friends.