High-Grade | Aluminum Built | Bass-Enhanced

The top-of-the-line Pisces Band HD is packed with innovative designs and features. Unlike the Pisces Band standard model, this HD model is tuned for sound clarity, accuracy and responsiveness. Yet, its audio superiority is not the only thing that set it apart from the competition. Utilizing Accutone's proprietary MagCable™, high-grade 40mm Beryllium speakers, fully-recyclable aluminum and customized cables for different platforms, you've never seen a product like this before.


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Accutone Beryllium Speakers


The Pisces Band HD houses a pair of 40mm professional-grade speakers made of beryllium metallic diaphragms. With the most expensive and highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any known metal, beryllium speakers yield an unparallel level of sound responsiveness, accuracy and detail clarity. Like any other High Definition models from Accutone, this upgraded version of Pisces Band is also tuned to Class C for Clarity.

Accutone Detachable MagCable


Another proprietary design of Pisces Band HD is the MagCable™, a detachable flat-cable with magnetic connectors.


This unique design is tailor-made to counter the biggest problem of metallic connectors becoming fatigue after prolonged usage, resulting with loosened connection.


Instead, the magnetic connectors, on top of the default 2.5mm plug and jack, make sure the connection is stable and firm no matter how often you use them.

Pisces Band HD Headphone


Similar as the Pisces Band, the HD version is also built many from environmentally-friendly recyclable aluminum. Stainless steel hinges, screws and structures make the headphone foldable, as well as strong and durable.


High-grade lambskin colored leatherette ear-cushion and head-rest are extremely comfortable and easily replaceable.


Together, the look and feel of this prestigous headphone is truly unique in the market, especially when you consider its superb audio performance underneath its beauty.

Pisces Band HD is Made for iPhone


Designed to be the perfect companion for Apple products, the Pisces Band HD is Made for iPhone. Comes equipped with Apple's certified microphone, the 3-button digital inline control allow adjustments to iPhone's volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as simply make and end calls.


Yet, with the detachable MagCable, users of Android system can easily replace the stock cable with an Android cable for digital volume control as well as answer button.

Pisces Band HD Packaging is Amazing


Pisces Band HD includes a sharp-looking carrying case made from high-grade leatherette designed for protecting the headphone from scratches and drops.


Look for the eye-catching transparent box at your local retail shops. This premium-grade headephone is truly the perfect combination of top-end acoustics and excellent industrial design.