Halo is the first gaming headset with dual-drivers from Accutone®. Designed for hardcore gamers looking for top-end acoustics, Halo is able to deliver crystal clear trebles and powerful bass through two different speakers. 


To further enhance bass output and sense of presence, Halo uses Active-Vibration Technology, vibrating the entire speaker chamber in sync with the bass speakers, allowing you to not only hear, but feel your virtual surroundings.


Comes with two large over-the-ear leatherette ear cushions, gamers can comfortably enjoy hours and hours of non-stop gaming without any sense of tiredness or discomfort. The Two-Layered headband design provides further comfort with a metallic band for strength, and a foam-leatherette band for relief. Design-wise, the Halo looks amazing. On each side of the headset, behind the location of the dual-drivers are two pairs of halo that also lights up during gaming, giving it that extra cyber feel.


Halo maintains Accutone’s strength in voice communication, comes equipped with a high-fidelity boom microphone, transmitting your message clearly and accurately even in the noisiest environment. Digital volume control, microphone mute, speaker mute and vibration adjustments are all included on the inline control.


  • The first and only Gaming Headset from Accutone to highlight dual- driver output, with one loudspeaker dedicated entirely for bass, and another loudspeaker for trebles and midtones. The dual drivers, highlighted by the blue lighting on their back, improves every element of its audio output. From engaging in games to enjoying music videos, Halo is the perfect upgrade in terms of performance and function.