HALO 2 is the successor to the famous Halo gaming headset from Accutone®. Designed for hardcore gamers looking for top-end acoustics, Halo 2 delivers crystal clear trebles and powerful bass, whether it is 7.1 surround sound game-play or hi-fi stereo music enjoyment. To further enhance bass output and sense of presence, Halo 2 uses Active-Vibration Technology, vibrating the entire speaker chamber in sync with the bass speakers, allowing you to not only hear, but feel your virtual surroundings.


Comes with two large over-the-ear leatherette ear cushions, gamers can comfortably enjoy hours and hours of non-stop gaming without any sense of tiredness or discomfort. High-quality leatherette with soft cushion headband design provides unparalleled comfort level, rarely seen in a gaming headset. Aside from performance and comfort, Halo 2 looks even more amazing with RGB lighting on the outside of both speaker cups, rotating through 256 shades of eye-catching colors. Halo 2 continues Accutone’s strength in voice communi-cation, comes equipped with a high-fidelity boom microphone, transmitting your message clearly and accurately even in the noisiest environment. Digital volume control, microphone mute, speaker mute and vibration adjustments are all included on the inline control. USB Type-C adaptor is included for connecting to smartphones or tablets for mobile gaming.

Halo 2

  • Halo 2 is the first professional gaming headset designed also for mobile gaming. With and USB-A to USB-C Conversion Engine, user can enjoy all the features Halo 2 has available under PC, Mac and Playstation®4 on any mobile device using USB Type-C connector. Not only will user be able to enjoy the amazing audio quality Halo 2 has to offer, the bone-shaking Active Vibrate experience as well as amazing looking 256-bit RGB light are 100% functional via any mobile games! Finally a Pro-grade gaming headset for mobile gamers.