Lyra comes in three iPhone colors - Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. Housed in a metallic chamber, Lyra is well-known for it's round and wide sound spectrum, earning the Class A - Audio Balanced classification. Also included is the newest universal digital volume control automatically supporting iOS and Android devices.


Technical Specifications:

Colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Space Grey

Materials: Aluminum & ABS

Weight: 14.3g

Speaker Input: 1mW Max: 3mW

Speaker Size: ⌀9.0mm 

Impedance 16 Ohm

Sound Pressure Level: 92±3  dB

Operating Temp: 0 to 40°C

Storage Temp: -20 to 35°C


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  • Lyra is designed to be the perfect companion for iPhones and iPads, in terms of appearance and colors. From Space Grey, Gold to the newest Rose Gold, why settle for the generic white headphone when you can match the color of your beloved smartphone and tablet.