Pisces is the In-Ear model of Pisces Band. Sharing the same unique family look, this piano gloss-black headphone use tangle-free flat cable. Made for iPhone and certified, Pisces has exceptional audio performance. It's a best-seller.


Technical Specifications:

Colors: Black with Silver

Materials: Aluminum & ABS

Weight: 15.0g

Speaker Input: 5mW Max: 10mW

Speaker Size: ⌀9.0mm 

Impedance 16 Ohm

Sound Pressure Level: 110±3  dB

Operating Temp: 0 to 40°C

Storage Temp: -20 to 35°C


  • Most often, the measurement of how well a high-end audio headphone performs is based on how powerful the bass output is. This of course is a misunderstanding, as there are many different types of music and many different user preferences. Many users will gladly sacrifice the heart-pounding bass for a more details in the full range of the audio spectrum.