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Comply Memory Foams for Accutone

Many users do not understand the real benefits of using a good pair of memory foam tips. It's more than comfort. If used properly, the heat-form sealing effect can greatly enhance any headphone's performance.

But of course, there are different types and quality of memory foam tips in the market, how is one to know which to choose from?

The first thing you should try with any memory foam tips is its recovery time. You can test this by squeezing it to a small shape and let it return to its normal size. The slower the recovery time the better.

The recovery time can range from 10 seconds to more than a minute, and this is directly related to how air-tight the tips form with your ear canal. The better the sealing, the better its noise-isolation, which results with enhance audio performance, specifically bass audio.

The shapes of the headphone/earphone tips can vary, because some users prefer "ball" shape over "bullet" shape for better comfort. There can be some compromise in audio performance across different shapes, keeping in mind the earlier logic of isolation-to-performance.

Finishing can also be different. Some tips have a slightly "oily" finishing, which is excellent for improved sealing effect, but not as durable as a harder "matte" finishing tips.

Out of the many options out there, Comply™ is considered one of the best in terms of comfort, quality and durability. Accutone is proud to co-develop a full line of PRO line products using Comply Premium Tips exclusively. All versions of Accutone headphones that feature Comply Tips are thoroughly tested and verfied by their acoustic laboratory to ensure optimal audio performance.

All replacement Comply Tips can be purchased from their online store or any one of their retail locations.

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