Facetime in Exhibitions

Accutone at HKEF 2014 Oct

Fairs and exhibitions are also crucial for us, and it was no different this year. Grabbing as much “Face”time as possible, we truly cherish the chance to meet our partners and customers in person.

This April, Accutone Mexico attended the Mexico Expo Technologia, and as usual we demonstrated a full range of business products focusing on our strong build and audio excellence. It was a great success and the market suggests great potential moving forward.

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the biggest electronics fair not just in Asia but globally. As usual, we’ve attended both the April and October show, focusing on Audio products for Spring and Business products for Autumn.

Accutone uses these shows to showcase new products, and this year, we’ve launched four new audio products and three new business products.

From the amount of visitors during these shows, it seems that the market has revived and we look forward to 2015 with confidence.

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