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Opportunities for bluetooth headsets are growing worldwide and it’s not just due to new technology development and hands-free legislation towards the use of mobile phones during driving.

According to a recent marketing report from Strategies Analytics, sales of global bluetooth headset will grow 18% in the next five years. However, a majority of this growth is no longer in the traditional monaural headset market.

With the popularization of smartphones, and improvements to wireless technology, stereo bluetooth headset has one of the fastest growing demands in recent years, and is expected to rise to 19 million units in 2017. It’s not hard to predict the battle in the stereo market will only become fiercer in coming years.

Seeing such demands, Accutone launched its first stereo bluetooth headset - Mercury at the end of 2014. Adopting the latest bluetooth version 4.0 and supporting A2DP profile, Mercury offers stereo output for music, gaming, movies and voice-calls. Using the AVRCP profile, users can take calls, skip tracks and adjust volume easily.

With standby of 100 hours, users can enjoy 4 hours of talking time and 3 hours of music /movies playback. Mercury also support onscreen headset battery meter for iPhone and iPad, as well as pairing to multiple devices.

Stereo bluetooth headsets are of course nothing new, and Mercury is not amongst the earliest products. Which is why it’s so important to understand where it stands with the competition.

Comparing against 3 of the more popular brands. We came up with 8 conditions :

(1) Bluetooth version. More update version includes better per-formance and more features.

(2) Audio Performance. General evaluation on clarity, responsive-ness and spectrum range.

(3) Comfort. Comfort is always crucial for headphones. We looked at fitting, type of cushion, wearing method and materials.

(4) Style. Although style is highly subjective, this is a measurement on its vanity effect (feeling proud of wearing the product) from design, color, to size.

(5) Talk time / Standby time.

(6) Price.

(7) Pairing Time. Connection speed for bluetooth pairing between headset and the host device.

(8) Weight.

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