MMCX Connectors

Accutone MMCX Detachable Cables

One may have heard the connectors used on a pair of headphones called "MMCX." Do these letters meaning anything, besides 2,110 in Roman numerals?

MMCX is actually an abbreviation of Micro- Miniature CoaXial connector. Traditionally used in Antennas, the connectors have a lock-snap mechanism that allows 360° rotation (a key feature in Accutone’s Spin Cable). Evolved from its larger MCX prede-cessor, the MMCX is now widely used in headpones for its reliability and size.

The reason why high-end headphones are adopting MMCX connectors is simple. No matter how rigid the design is, the biggest cause of headphone damage is the cable. Trashing away an expensive headphone with the main unit still function well is not just annoying, but costly.

Therefore detachable cable has become a trend and if not the signature of any high-end headphone models.

Other than for repair purposes, the MMCX connectors also offer flexibility in address-ing compatibility issue, by offering two different cables for native digital audio control on iOS and Android.

Popular headphones using MMCX connec-tors: Accutone Pisces-HD MMCX, Accutone Taurus, Shure SE535, Westone UM PRO10.

The following is a video demonstrating the benefits of MMCX connectors for Accutone products:

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