Anniversary T-Shirt

Accutone T-Shirts

2015 marks the twentieth anniversary for Accutone. To commemorate this special event, we have designed various prints of T-shirts as gifts to our long-time supporters. Still in the process of production, the target launch date will be around September this year.

As a special preview, we have posted the different designs for your comments. Initially, the plan is to launch 4 versions for the first wave due to launch in the fall, and 4 more around Christmas. In selected countries, on any purchase of Accutone Audio products, users will get this limited edition T-shirt for free.

For business buyers, the T-shirt can be claimed against certain orders. Please contact your salesperson on details for our CC&O promotion.

The four designs with the most votes will be launched first, sp please leave a comment in the below section, and vote for your favorite version today.

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