Memory Foams Worth Paying Extra Money For?

Comply Memory Foam Tips

Same as fingerprints, the shape of ones’ ear-canal is unique across everyone. You cannot find two person with the same earshape in the world unless we are talking about cloning.

However, silicone tips that come with a headphone are always fixed size. They serve the purpose of fitting but for any form of true noise isolation, you should look for memory foam ear-tips.

There are of course many different types and brands of memory foam, price varies a lot. Out of all these, Comply™ Foam Tips, is a very good choice. Comply™ Tips, like many memory foam tips, are made of a unique viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The foam is a breathable, heat-sensitive, material that conforms to the shape of a person’s ear canal, providing a perfect fit which seals out unwanted ambient sound to ensure zero sound loss meanwhile avoids leaking bass.

In some cases, like the Gemini head-phone, the bass performance can improve as much as 10dB when using a Comply tip. Vary according to different brands, some memory foam tips are 30 times softer than most factory-supplied silicone tips. They are more comfortable in-ear and reduce irritation and wearing-fatigue. So simply put, experience users buy memory foams for two reasons, comfort and sound improvement.

Why is it called memory foam? It’s because the foam always expand back to its original form seconds after squeezing, hence the name “memory”.

Installation is easy. First remove the old silicone tip from your headphone. Then angle the memory tip and insert over the headphone’s nozzle. After that, squeeze the tip into a thin, round cylinder. Gently insert the entire tip into the ear and let it rest there for 10-15 seconds to expand and fill the ear canal.

Caring of memory foam tips are important as they have a limited shelf-life can be quite expensive to replace. Always remember to cleanse the tips with clean and damp cloth. Use water only, and never with any alcohol based solutions. Let them dry completely before next use. Continual exposure to ear discharge can damage the foam, so users are recommended to clean the tips every three months, or when they are soiled.

Comply Foam Tip comes in different shape and finishing, with prices range from $8.95 to $21.95 a pair. You can decide whether it’s worth it to pay extra for such accessory, but Accutone makes it simple for you, since all Pro-line headphones come with a pair straight out of the box!

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