Humma MKII Preview

Accutone Humma MKII

Nowdays, the most popular pro-grade gaming headset does not only focus on the sound quality but visual effect is just as important.

Now imagine walking into an online-gaming center, and see two groups of gamers playing the same FPS (first-person shooting) game. Flashing red LED light from their headset alerts teammates they are in trouble and requiring rescue. We then see all of their friends rushing to help.

This is what we want our users to experience from team gaming. It really brings out the team spirit, doesn’t it?

The Humma MKII headset is exactly what you need for such a feature. In gaming mode, this headset’s LED will change to Red or Green from in-game sounds and signals.

Aside form gaming, Humma also has a music mode, switching via a button on the cable. Under this mode, there are 8,000 colors LED “breathing lights” synchronized to the playing music.

The microphone are is detachable, so users can play with or without it. Pro-grade leatherette ear cushion gives ex-ceptional wearing comfort. Humma is compatible with PS4, PC and mobile gaming.

Details coming soon.

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