New Generation or Degeneration

Samsung Note 5

Smartphone with big screen seems to be the trend for the past few years. The Samsung Note series was in a class of its own, until their biggest rival - Apple, launched the iPhone 6 Plus.

Back in year 2010, Steve Jobs derided big phones as “Hummers”, he said “you can’t get your hand around one’s going to buy that!” Everyone believed Steve meant it. So, no one expected Apple would eat their words and launched a phone with a screen bigger than 4 inches, ever.

After Steve passed away, Apple of course, launched their version of the “Hummer”. An upgrade should soon see the day of light early Sept-ember, predictably as - iPhone 6s Plus.

For Samsung, from Note 1 to Note 4, two of their standard features were the micro SD slot, which allows user to increase storage size, and the “feature” to replace the bat-tery, 100% power recharge instantly.

To be honest, these “features” should bestandard for all smartphones, one would think, no high-tech required. That is until Apple decided not to include them. The fact is, a lot of people turned their back on Apple and switched to Samsung, or Android for that matter. As they think big storage iPhones were overpriced, and its battery would not last a whole day. So Samsung used these to their advantages.

All these being said, what do you know? Samsung, too has decided to remove these features from their latest flagship - Note 5.As the global market is changing at a speed that we have never experienced before, one bad move could lead to a bad end, no, a very bad end. 20 years ago, Nokia was the market leader, other giants were Motorola, Siemens, Sony, Ericsson, Sony-Ericsson...

Now the market leaders are Apple and Samsung, but for how long?

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