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If you want to learn more about a company, the first thing you’d come across is probably their website. It is vital a company web site is simple yet informative, it also has to be user friendly and interesting. With web standards and technologies changing all the time, Accutone feels the need to revamp their web-sites, coincidentally on its 20th birthday.

To address two very different target audience, there are two sub-sites to One for business: and one for consumer audio:

Size Doesn't Matter

Websites must be SEO-friendly not just for better search rankings, but because most SEO determining factors are related to ease-of-use and information accuracy/relevancy. So the better a site is ranked, the better the site isbuild for users. Mobile Optimization is also crucial now more than ever with the huge increase in mobile browsing and content searching. Both subsites and the main portal of Accutone are now 100% mobile-optimized, so it will adjust thecontent according to various screen sizes.

Accutone Business Site

For Business

The business site focuses on methods of search, allowing user to choose products according to type or working environment. This is important because not all business users are familiar with headset products. To many of them, headsets are productivity tools they need, but know little about.

Unlike previous versions of the business site, there aren't many sub-elements to the website, like vertical selection menus and quick-link buttons. Users simply select from the top menu for most pages. "Going back to the basic" is the current trend for most websites, as users have less patience during their research.

Most visitors have something in mind when they visit the business site, and we want to help them get that as easy as possible. They can choose according to product types: wired headset, wireless headset, speakerphone or accessories. This is the most logical searching method.

However, some users aren't sure of what they want/need. So by search according to usage, or their work environments, we will recommend the right products for: SOHO, Call Center, Enterprise or Mobile Office.

Accutone Compatibility Chart

Another new feature is the Compatibility Guide. After finding the right products, most users want to know if a particular headset fits their current telephone system. By inputting the information in the interactive guide, recommended settings and bottom cables will be generated.

Other useful resources include in-site keyword searching, catalogue and user manual downloads, newsletter download and a new Partner Zone dedicated to information sharing with our business partners.

Accutone Audio Site

For Consumer

Unlike business headsets, users who look for Accutone headphones are consumers, and their expected website experience is very different. This is why the audio site has been simplified for easier viewing, no banners no nonsense.

Sharing some similarities with the previous audio site are high-res images and renderings of product to allow users to appreciate the beauty of our designs. Yet, unlike the old design, which was divided into various regions with banner ads and company information listed all together, the latest design has one of the simplest layout possible.

The main image gallery flips through the key highlight products, common with most other brands' design. Followed by four quick-link section for: New Arrivals and explanation to key Accutone features like Comply Memory Foam, Beryllium loudspeakers and MMCX detachable cables.

The top-most main menu is where all of the selections are made. Most links are self-explanatory, but we have intentionally removed any drop-down selection, to make it easier for users to go to the respective landing pages.

Unique to our website is the division of the product information into two sections. There are product information pages, and product shopping pages.

Headphone Product Page

A product information page highlights all the main features of the headphone, from its uniqueness, key features to audio performance and accessories included. It offers a clear overview for users to do their pre-purchase research and the eye-catching images help reinforce our brand positioning.

Headphone Shopping Page

A product shopping page main shows information related to their purchase. Users arrive here after they enter our online shop, and we expect them to have already done their homework in researching for the right headphone. Still they can easily review its key features by expanding on the text info. Obviously price is listed here, with SKU details and options offered. One click will add the product to cart, and they can enter payment and delivery details.

Other new features for the audio site includes, in-site keyword searching, image gallery, advertisements, video reviews, catalogue downloads, user manual downloads...etc.

Social Networking

It is absolutely crucial for websites to include social network information, nowadays. But most sites simply have buttons and exit links to various platforms. While Accutone also employs these links, we have also added a "Follow Accutone" page under our business site, so users can see all previous social network posts without having to leave our site.

Follow Accutone Page

Both our audio and business sites, as well as our main portal connects to social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. These are but a few of the features we incorporated into our website revamp, to learn more, please browse around and give us some feedback at the comment section. Thanks!

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