Not Just a Game Part 2

Quickly, what is the most popular PC game in the world right now? No? Guess again.

Yes, the answer is League of Legends, a multi-player online battle arena, real-time strategy video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Maybe your question now is, exactly how popular is this game, right? The answer is 67 million players every month, with 27 million players playing on a peak day, and over 7.5 million playing at the same time during each day’s peak time. That’s an amazing number for any game, isn’t it?

Riot Games organizes competitions every year. For example, they held the All-Star League of Legends 2015 in Los Angeles from December 10 to 13. An All-Star event featuring only the best and most popular gamers in the world. Players from the World Championship regions compete on two teams - Team Ice and Team Fire (in-cluding players from China, South Korea, Russia, US, Taiwan, Denmark, UK, Germany and Ukraine). It was the latest and biggest E-sports event of 2015.

As a gamer, it’s exciting to see E-sports growing. Few would’ve predicted gaming becoming a profession before this trend. Countries like US and Taiwan are quickly recognizing E-Sports as a real sport, and we are seeing more and more professional gamers becoming celebrities just like sport stars and athletes. As with live sports, more and more viewers are tuning in to watch their favorite gamer compete, and their fan-base and endorsements are becoming excellent streams of revenues.

(Image Credits: Artubr)

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