Google Cast

So you want to listen to the songs on your smartphone from a speaker wirelessly. What do you do? You go buy a bluetooth speaker and select the bluetooth device on your phone and playback, right? Simple.

But then you realize the sound is really bad, especially when you turn up the volume. You know it’s bluetooth and the quality is suppose to suck. But what choices do you have? Oh yeah, you can use Airplay from your iPhone or iPad, it uses Wi-Fi, and the audio is much better.

Right, but you don’t use an iPhone, you use an Android phone, so you are out of luck?

Well not quite. In the past you can still stream your audio wirelessly to any device on your local network supporting DLNA protocols. Yes, you will need an app on your phone, and the device has to support it and yes, setup can be quite complicated.

Which is why Google launched Cast last May. You have probably heard of Chrome-cast, a small USB device you plug into your TV and it turns into a smart TV, able to stream videos from your Android phone to the TV, plus a whole lot of other features.

Well, Google Cast is the audio version of that, except it also does videos too.

Why is this significant? Cast is just like Airplay, so Android users can stream any video or audio to a third-party device. Like Airplay, third-party manufacturers build wireless speakers and headphones for iPhone users to connect to. Once the audio device is on, users can see it on the iPhone under the Airplay icon. Tap on that, and its done.

Google Cast for Audio, is exactly that. Unlike Chromecast which connects to a monitor or TV, Cast is a standard for manufacturer to follow when building their wireless audio devices. Android users will soon be able to enjoy the same convenience as Airplay for iOS users.

Expect wireless speakers and head-phones supporting Cast from third-party manufacturer to launch as early as 2016.

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