Taurus: PRO-X Line Headphone

Let the Bulls Run!

One of Accutone Audio's most innovated headphone; the Taurus MMCX packs a bunch of original features, equipped with a unique design it really differentiates itself from the other products. Named after the constellation, Taurus not only has the resemblance of a bull but it also performs like one.

The housing of the headphone is coated with a shiny black look, with two big silver vents at the back and finishes off with at the end where the headphone tips are plugged in. When both sides of the ear piece are put together side by side it actually looks kind of like the horns of a bull.

Performance wise, the Taurus is all about the bass. It is the only product from Accutone that offers bass output adjustments. By turning the Bass-Tuning Knob on the back of the headphone, users can change to level of bass output best suited for different types of music allowing users to choose their preferred audio settings. Imagine before the tuning vents are opened it is just like a bull sitting around readying itself for the famous “Running of the Bull festival” in Spain.

Once you have decided it is time to tune the vent on the back of the headphone, it is as if the bulls have been let loose and the herd charges rapidly towards the red cape in front of them. The difference of the bass is easily noticeable and just like any angry bull, the Taurus headphones just keeps pushing and pushing as long as the beat of the music is catching along.

Comes with a detachable (MMCX) cable feature it offers easy replacement and dual platform digital control, adding onto already an unstoppable bull. If bass is your cup of tea, then you can start waiving your red carpet and for sure that unstoppable bull will find its horns to your ears.

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