OSSIC X - 3D Audio

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In line with this month’s article about VR, immersive digital-world experience is the buzz word in the tech world today. So it’s no surprise that we finally see 3D audio experience on top of VR googles.

The OSSIC X is receiving wide press cover-age in the tech world, and they have been able to gather US$1,4M in funding so far. It makes you wonder what the fuzz is all about.

The idea of surround-sound headphone is nothing new. But OSSIC is able to create a product (at least concept product) to reflect the listener’s unique state and adjust audio accordingly.

Our ears listen in a three-dimensional space, and when we move our head, sound changes and it gives us the sense and positioning of the space. There are also minute differences to the sound we hear according to our head sizes and ear shapes.

Together this makes audio experience unique to each individual.

This is OSSIC’s promise; that their product can calibrate to any individual according to these differences and create a true 3D audio experience like we are “there”. When you turn your head, sound from the back of the room will remain back of the room and not just follow the back of your head.

Retail at US$400, OSSIC X isn’t cheap, but if they can deliver on their promise, it might just revolutionize the headphone industry.


(Photo Credits: OSSIC, Kickstarter)

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