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Another month, another Kickstarter Monthly from the Accutone Audio Blog.

As we know, 3D printing is an innovative technology in which objects are built up in many thin layers. These objects can be in almost any shapes or geometry but the sacrifice is that it is still very expensive to purchase a 3D printer.

Could you imagine if we can initiate our own 3D printing at home without the expensive cost? I am talking about the smartphone 3D printer - OLO developed by Solido3D. OLO will be available for purchase for only USD$99 on Kickstarter, and here's how it works:

At the bottom of the reservoir, there's a piece of polarized glass which you place your phone underneath, facing upward. Basically, once you place the lid on top and the printer starts going, the app makes your phone's screen lights up with a specific pattern. The polarized glass then takes all this light to print individual layers.

The photo-polymer resin liquid inside the reservoir hardens by shining directed light from the screen into specific patterns, forming each layer. That's basically how the device prints 3D. OLO works with most smart- phone sizes and brands, even large 5.5 inch displays such as iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy A7.

OLO is the first smartphone 3D Printer in the market, it is easy to use, ultra light-weight and cheap. It seems their team may really be able to fulfill their goal “to provide everyone with access to 3D printing technology in an easy, quick, and, most importantly, extremely affordable way.”

Go, have a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/olo3d/olo-the-first-ever-smartphone-3d-printer

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