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Disneyland with all its cartoons and characters have always been an irreplaceable part of childhood memory for most people and in around two month's time the Shanghai Disneyland Resort will celebrate its grand opening. Meaning the Chinese people can have a closer choice to experience this magical and spectacular theme park.

The Shanghai Disneyland will feature lots of different attractions such as Disney-town, 2 Resort Hotels, Wishing Star Park and many more. The theme park itself is divided into 5 main sections, Adventure Isle, Fantasyland, Gardens of Imagination, Tomorrowland and Treasure Cove.

Adventure Isle is all about the outdoors and exploring all the adventurous rides and trails. Featuring different fun thrilling rides, the Roaring Rapids has water rifting rides and big drops, so be prepared to be soaked and wet.

The Fantasyland and Gardens of Imagination is where you find all the legendary Disney's remarkable characters. From Winnie the Pooh, Alice in the Wonderland, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse and all his friends and last but not least all of your favorite princesses in all of the Disney classic tales. I am sure these two areas will constantly be crowded and fill with visitors just trying to capture a picture with their favorite character.

Tomorrowland features all the futuristic rides and sights of the future. From Buzz Lightyear Planet saving ride to meeting your favorite Star Wars characters. Sore in the spinning ride, Jet Packs and encountering Stitch while riding on the TRON based roller-coaster ride, this part of the park is action packed and should not be missed.

Treasure Cove, is great for family fun, you can paddle and explore the seaside of the park and catch great views of the Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle areas. While there is also a Pirates of the Caribbean themed ride that takes you back and experience the pirate ages. Shanghai Disneyland is jam packed with attractions and entertainment which is surely able to provide a wonderful experience. Being the first big international themed park located in mainland China, it would have big shoes to fill and large expectations to be met. The latest theme park where the cultural differences of East and West met was in Hong Kong and many problems sprouted.

From all the smoking, littering to budging in line and not queuing for rides and allowing their kids to use public areas as toilets by some mainlander-visitors, these were some of the bad publicity faced by the Hong Kong Disneyland. Perhaps this is the reason for the huge drop in attendance.

Hopefully the Shanghai Disneyland can do a better job of handling these problems and not let the overall image of Chinese visitors equalling to savages or uncivilized individuals spread internationally.

(Photo Credits: Mulling it Over)

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