Magically Increase iPhone Storage

I bet almost every iPhone/iPad users have seen this annoying message from time to time, unless you are the rich few who always purchase the largest storage option of iDevices. But even then, what's the harm in getting a few more gigabytes of usable memory, right?

Yes, there are a number of ways of retrieving storage space. Deleting unused apps, movies you've seen, backup your camera rolls or even change settings to your chat apps, are what most people do, but it seems like you are giving up something for that extra space.

Is there a way to retrieve lost storage space for nothing?

Of course there is. As it turns out, Apple designed the iPhone or iPad to create hidden cache files during normal operations for time-saving purposes. For obvious reasons, these files can become quite big and caused the above message to pop-up, reminding users that they should probably buy a model with larger storage space next time.

Again, for obvious reasons, there is no way to delete these cache files quickly. But there is a work-around, for the time being:

(1) First of all, launch iTunes Store App and find a movie to rent. Don't worry, you won't actually need to rent it.

Try to find a movie with a bigger size than your current storage space. For example, The Fellowship of the Ring sits at a 6.75GB for 1080p HD.

(2) Tap on the $3.99 RENT button, when it turns green, tap RENT HD MOVIE again. If you've selected a movie that is smaller than your available storage, it will ask you to confirm $3.99 payment and enter your iTunes account password. Tap cancel, and choose another movie with bigger size.