NURA - Auto-Tune Headphone

One only needs to look carefully, there are some very interesting products on Kickstarter, and this month we turn our attention to a headphone project.

Do you know that listening to the same song on the same headphone, every one of us can have very different interpretation of the sound? Our hearing is unique, each of us has different sensitivity to different audio frequencies, what if your headphone can tune that perfect sound for you?

Kickstarter recently introduced the Nura Headphone, a new design that integrates unique sound wave technology to automatically measure your hearing and adapt music perfectly for you. Nura has two speaker drivers, the first driver sits inside ear cup, it provides the bass output, while the other driver inside an in-ear earbud, and that produces high tones.

Dual speaker technology is nothing new. What’s truly unique about Nura is its auto-tuning technology.

Interestingly, human eardrums emit a faint sound when it receives audio soundwaves. This faint return-sound is unique for every individual and by measuring it, we know how the individual receives and interprets incoming sound.

So by using a microphone to measure said faint sounds from the ear, Nura identifies your settings, then optimizes the music best suited for your listening. The logic behind the algorithm for such audio-tuning is derived from studies in deep-hearing, neuroscience and psycho-acoustics.

One headphone, same audio output but different sensation, now that's unique!

Go, have a look:

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