Magic of Leicester & Warriors

2016 was an unpredictable year for the sports world. 2015-16 premier league champion - Leicester City Football Club show their perseverance this year, most of the people said it is a magical year because Leicester City Football Club won the champion, even calling them the “Giant killer”.

Luck or a show of true strength for them you may ask? I would easily say a show of true strength. The amount of work and the level of commitment put in, in order to reach that champion cup is un-imaginable. The Leicester City players all worked very hard and made their sacrifices for their glory, as a Hong Kong proverb goes” One minute on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage”.

In the basketball world it has also been a phenomenal year and record breaking season. The Golden State Warriors had proven their status last year already by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers and becoming the NBA Champs.

This year they continued their success starting the season off 24-0. Not only breaking the record in NBA for a best start, but also claiming the best start to a season in all of major sports in America.

Warriors continued their winning streak, breaking record after record. Eventually going on to make NBA history by setting the best ever season record of 73–9, breaking the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls record of 72–10, led by Michael Jordan and company.

Ultimately, they won the Pacific Division and finished top in the Western Conference. Their coach Steve Kerr took home the Coach of the year award and their All Star point guard was named the NBA most valuable player unanimously, talk about hard work paying off.

(Photo Credits for Leicester City: Peter Woodentop)

(Photo Credits for Golden State Warriors: Keith Allison)

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