ENERGYSQUARE - Wireless Charger

Another month, another Kickstarter project selection. This time it's not about audio.

In today’s world, most people use more than one electronic devices daily, such as smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop or handheld game console. It can be quite a hassle if your devices run out of power at the same time. You may need many USB or lightning cable and electric sockets for charging. Now imagine you can charge all your electronic devices together at the same time without wires?

Let's me introduce the Energysquare from Kickstarter. It is a new generation of wireless charger, that charges all your devices on an ultra-thin pad with no induction. Energysquare can charge multiple devices at the same speed as classic chargers and here's how it works:

You need to connect a long sticker to the charging port of your electronic device, stick the adhesive side to the back of your device and place it on the charging pad made of conductive squares inlaid into an insulating material. There are two conductive dots on the sticker, which directly connect to the charging squares on the pad with minimal to zero energy loss. Energysqaure is compatible with all smart phones and tablets having micro USB connectors (Android and Windows Phone), lightning connectors (iPhone) and USB type C.

Some of the key features include:

- Regular Charge Speed, same as a classic charger.

- Multi-device Charging. Charge as many devices as you can fit on the pad

- No Wave Emission.

- All OS Compatible

- Water Resistant

- Shatter-Proof

Rare do we see innovative technologies that truly improves our daily routines. A wireless charging pad is a great solution to a need directly resulting from this new wave of electronics devices. Perhaps, necessity is truly the mother of inventions.

Go, have a look:

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