Father's Day Specials

Although the date for Father’s day varies in different countries, most people celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. Despite the date difference, the true meaning of Father’s day is to celebrate male parenting and fatherhood.

So, what does it take to be a good father? A good father brings home income and food, protect his family and educate his children. If you can fulfill that you are a good father. But if you want to be a GREAT father, here are some suggestions for you. Give your kids responsibilities. Say I love you to them - everyday! Give them the respect you ask for. Always keep your promises. Take time out from work and spend it with your family. Learn with them, play with them. The list can go on forever!

No one teach a father how to father, it a learning process that take a life time to master. Don’t be shy to show your love to your father, treasure the time you spend with him.

If you are too shy to show your love (Really?), let Accutone give you a hand.

Father’s day special! From 23rd June 2016 – 22nd July 2016

Pisces in ear headphone is now USD$59 ( RRP USD$89)

Pisces Band HD is now USD$148.99 (RRP USD$199 )

That should put a smile on his face!!

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