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As Accutone's flagship product, the Pisces BA is generating a lot of buzz. Audiophiles and product reviewers are amazed by its audio performance, but cannot figure out how this BA headphone can beat most competitive product twice its price. The Audio Insider is here to reveal their secret.

First, let's decode the name Hybrid BA. Actually, BA stands for Balanced Armature. As some of you may have already known, BA driver is expensive and only specializes on limited frequency range.

To cover full range, multiple BA drivers are often required for higher performance. Since BA drivers are not originally designed for listening to music, to compensate for their limited range, sometimes it can take up to three or four BA drivers to complete the sound spectrum. This is why a decent quadruple BA-driver headphone will easily set you back USD400 to USD500.

But money aside, more and more experts are saying BA speaker “feels” artificial, lacks genuine bass sound. So, what’s the secret?

You hear it here first, from the Audio Insider, the secret is this: Hybrid BA design.

By combining dynamic and BA drivers, the Hybrid design allows full range coverage without sacrificing any of the low, mid and high frequencies. Best of all, it will not cost you a fortune. In hybrid design, both drivers work together: BA driver is responsible for mid and high frequencies, such as the vocal part of a song or musical instruments like strings. Yet, when the percussion kicks in, the dynamic driver will shift into high gear, much like driving a car at 3000rpm and all of a sudden the turbo wakes up and roars its way in, Hybrid earphones does exactly that!

Interesting right? Check out The Audio Insider next month for more product secrets.

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