LIFT - Anti-Gravity Charger

Last time we showed you how to charge many devices at the same time without wires. What if I tell you, you can charge your smart-watch without wires, while it suspends in thin air?! Pretty cool eh?

Introducing Lift by Levitation Works, the only smart-watch charger that levitates in mid air while it charges. It is not just a charger, it is a home and office adornment. It will also transform into a smart lamp when it is not charging your watch.

This product is inspired by Nikola Tesla’s idea of wireless transmission of electrical energy. The induction pad on the base unit can also charge any smart phone wirelessly.Here’s how Lift works. Using magnetic levitation, the main charging unit floats in mid air via magnetic push. Place your Apple Watch or Pebble over the charging unit and let it float in the center of the base unit.

While this may not be the first wireless charger for smartphones or even smart-watches, Lift is an awesome product, from both technological and aesthetic angles. It is something we only see in sci-fi movies, conducting electrical power thru thin air will surely make Tesla proud.

Lift comes in two sizes and various accessories. Standard version and a Pro version for charging your iPhone alongside the levitating watch-charger. Other accessory includes the Orb, which replaces the watch charger and levitates as a lamp. Lift will be available on Kickstarter for USD149.

Go have a look:

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