High-End Audio Visual Show

The Accutone Hong Kong team exhibited at the 2016 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show for the first time, the show presented world class audio visual equipment to the public.

The Show showcased to visitors LP systems, high end digital audio playback systems, world-renowned Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D multi-channel Theatre system, glass CDs-the finest software carriers, UHQCD, UPMCD, MQS and rare original LPs, making the show most pioneering.

During the 3-day exhibition, Accutone presented their full range audio products, including their newest flagship model, Pisces Hybrid BA in-ear headset to the visitors.

The show was an extraordinary success to Accutone, visitors flooded into their booth buying headsets and headphones at the spot. The “explosion buying” led to good business opportunities to the company as some renowned retail stores and online platforms want to partner with Accutone reselling their products offline and online.

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