True Wireless

In the revolution of wearable tech, one thing people always keep asking for is “We want the wires gone.” The motivation is that we want new smart-tech devices to be smaller and pocketable. As one of the main field in wearable tech, true wireless earphones have finally hit the market this year with lots of discussion and sales.

But are they the devices we dreamed of?

I am excited for the shiny Dash from Bragi and the Gear IconX from Samsung. They are the childhood comics and sci-fi anime dreams come true for me and many others. However in nowadays, true wireless headphones are still in their infancy, with limitation in audio quality, connection stability and power issues. Yet, they are likely to grow up fast, especially if smartphone makers save space by taking out traditional headphone jacks.

As we shall find out in a week’s time, if rumors are true, Apple’s iPhone 7 series will have removed the headphone jack completely; so have the thinnest Android phone ever build, Motorola’s Moto Z.

When batteries become even longer lasting and wireless transmission becomes better and more reliable, it’s not difficult to imagine true-wireless earbuds becoming the trend.

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