As a reader of my column, I assume you know of Virtual Reality. You have probably heard that both Facebook and YouTube now support 360° videos. If you haven’t seen how it works, go see Google Map’s 360° street-view, except it’s video.

Now imagine you can record 360° video, in 4K ultra HD, sounds pretty cool right? This month’s Kickstarter idea is the Camorama - a 4K action VR & 360-Degree camera made for sharing.

Of course, Camorama uses a super-wide angle lens, that is how it records 360° video. You can record image and video with different views, including circular 360° mode, little planet mode, virtual mode and 360° panoramic mode. It also comes with a microphone and speaker for audio recording and playback. Supporting PC, Mac via USB and Android and iOS for 4K video Edit, the best part about Camorama is its ability to share via most social platform wirelessly.

Camorama has been tested in the most extreme environments, from 30,000 feet in the air to freezing cold temperatures. It’s also designed for scuba diving, surfing, adventure sporting or even attaching it to your favorite drone for aerial recording.

Personally, I love the most about the virtual mode, since I own a VR goggle. Using this device I can re-live any happy moments in virutal reality not just as a stilled picture, but moving videos. This is the thing Sci-Fi movies are about. You can also share your experience with your friends by allowing them to live through your moments in first person perspective, and vice versa!! Imagine the possibilities... :)

Camorama will be available on Kickstarter at USD 239, I am looking forward to it, and you?

Go have a look:

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