Studio Series In-Ear Monitor

This April, Accutone will finally launch their first In-Ear Monitor series, which is called the Studio Series. The philosophy behind Studio series is to deliver top quality high-resolution audio monitors at an affordable price. There are two models under the Studio series, the Studio S1 and Studio S2.

Both the Studio S1 and Studio S2 are guaranteed 100% handcrafted by in house engineers, and each unit are carefully tuned and thoroughly tested to ensure only the best audio quality for sound engineers, musicians, audiophiles and every music-lover. By applying the detachable MMCX cable system, both the Studio S1 and Studio S2 are compatible to most accessories already in the professional market.

Inside a transparent blue UV curable resin earphone housing, the structure of the Studio S1 is a single dynamic speaker design, which is built by a super-hard beryllium membrane, allowing clean and rapid vibration output and offering unparalleled clarity and accuracy sound preference. For a single unit full–spectrum dynamic speaker in the Studio S1, the 8mm HD driver from Accutone is one of the best in the market for audio respon-siveness, making S1 the best dynamic-driver monitor.

The Studio S2 is built inside a sharp-looking transparent Red UV curable resin earphone housing, feathering a 1+1 hybrid design. S2 houses one dynamic driver and one balanced–armature unit in each ear. S2 is able to provide the best of both driver types with this hybrid design, using WBFK BA driver from Knowles and a 10mm dynamic speaker from Accutone.

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