2-in-1|Bluetooth Speaker + True Wireless Earbuds

Titan is not just any bluetooth speaker, it also holds inside its charging cradle a pair of version 5.0 TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds. Switching between usage is 100% automatic, and completely seamless. Wear your earbuds for a moment, pop it back into the base-unit, and it instantly switches back to speaker mode, it's just that easy!



The speaker/charging cradle holds a whopping 2200mAh lithium polymer battery. It's able to re-charge the TWS 18 times, with a combined max playing time of 72 hours without charging. The TWS has an average playing time of 4h, while the speaker, playing at full maximum 6W power, can last up to 8h.


Titan is one of the first TWS to include Dual-Master 

Sync, a technology that allows both earbuds to connect to your smartphone or tablet as masters and slaves. Unlike most TWS in the market with only one dedicated side as master, the connection of Titan is much faster and stabler, making it more able to counter interference.


Wear your Titan TWS during the day for mobility and listening privacy. Once you arrive home, pop the earbuds back into the speaker unit, and it instantly switches back to speaker mode, not a note missing from your favorite tunes. With an amazing 6 watt output for such a compact device, Titan is able to fill your entire apartment with the appropriate mood-setting music. 


Titan comes with a pair of TWS with it charging cradle/speaker unit, 3 sets of silicon earbuds, a leatherette carrying belt, and an extra optional mini charging case.

A bluetooth speaker that is also a TWS earbuds, this is the perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourself as well. Look for this packaging at local retail shops, or buy one online right now!

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